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Devices to Prevent Florida Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can often be prevented, and there are a myriad of helpful devices on the market that can help you if you feel as though you might fall. If you feel unsteady on your feet and nervous about slip and fall accidents, these devices can help you regain your independence. Your doctor can refer you to a physical or occupational therapist who can help you find the devices that might be helpful to you. When it comes to walking aids, you do have many choices:

1) A cane or walker. Both canes and walkers stabilize you as you walk, which is a great help if you experience muscle weakness or if you are walking on uneven surfaces. Today’s canes and walkers often have adjustable heights and foam or fitted grips that offer even more stability. Some walkers have baskets that allow you to carry items easily and safely. When selecting a cane or walker, make sure that the length fits you well, so that your elbow is at a comfortable angle. An incorrect height can actually make you more unsteady. Work with a physical therapist to select the right cane or walker and to learn to use the aid properly.

2) A grabber or reacher. A grabber is a device that lets you remove light items from high cupboards and shelves. In many cases, a reacher can help you prevent falls and personal injuries because it discourages you from getting on a chair, stool, or ladder. You can easily find a reacher at most department stores. Ask a salesperson to help you find a grabber that has a good grip and a long handle. Some reachers have telescopic handles that make them more flexible in use.

3) A cell phone or cordless phone. Having a phone that you can take with you prevents you from rushing to answer the phone. Rushing often causes falls. Look for a portable phone that has a long battery life and a handset that is easy to use.

4) Grab bars. Grab bars are similar to very short railings. They are firmly attached to the wall near places where you need some added support – typically, in or beside the bathtub and beside the toilet. Grab bars give you something you can hold onto as you stand up or move. Select grab bars with a firm grip and make sure that they are very securely attached to the wall.

These simple devices can help prevent slip and fall accidents and the many injuries – including spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and other serious injuries – that can result from these accidents. If you are fearful about falling, speak with your doctor about devices that you can use to help you prevent falls.

If someone’s negligence has caused you to fall, Florida law ensures that you may receive help so that you can get the best medical treatment possible as you heal. If you need to speak to a Florida attorney, arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with a qualified Florida lawyer by calling 1- 800-535-2962 (1 800 5 FLAXMAN).