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Don’t Let Personal Injury Ruin Your Holidays

During the holiday season, we all want to relax and enjoy some well-deserved time with loved ones. However, injuries and accidents do not take a vacation during this time of year. In fact, some accidents and types of injuries are actually on the increase at this time of year:

1) Burn injuries. While most of us know that putting candles on holiday trees and wreaths is dangerous, there are still dangers of fire during the holiday season. Old-fashioned electric lights can overheat and can cause burn injuries and fires. Before decorating for the holidays, look over your lights and electric decorations. If you see signs of wear, replace your lights. Consider switching to LED lights, which stay cooler and therefore pose a smaller risk of fire. If you are using candles to decorate your home, remember to always supervise candles while they are lit and never leave candles burning when you leave a room.

2) Car accidents. Extra stress and rushing during the holidays can mean more mistakes behind the wheel and therefore more car accidents. Holiday parties and festive drinks can also lead to more drunk driving accidents at this time of year. To stay safe, make sure that your car is in good condition and practice defensive driving. Have a holiday plan for getting home safely if you attend a party where alcohol is served.

3) Pedestrian accidents. With more shopper running in and out of stores during this time of year, pedestrian accidents are more of a risk, especially in parking lots, where hurried shoppers and hurried drivers both share the same space. Both drivers and pedestrians have a duty to prevent accidents. If you drive, keep alert for extra shoppers walking around at this time of year. When you are shopping, take extra care to watch for drivers and ensure that drivers can see you at all times.

4) Slip and fall accidents. Additional rain and wet leaves at this time of year can lead to slip and fall injuries, which can mean broken bones, twisted ankles, and even head injuries. Keep the area around your property and business clear of debris and any possible dangers – such as puddles. When out walking, wear sturdy shoes that offer good traction.

5) Head injuries. Head injuries are quite common at this time of year. Many people take part in winter activities, such as skiing and skating, which can increase the chances of head injuries. As well, some accidents are more common at this time of year – such as pedestrian accidents, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents – which can also increase the chances for head injuries. No matter what your holiday plans, keep safety rules in mind. If you do fall or bump your head, remember to get the injury checked by a physician to ensure that a head injury does not ruin your holidays.