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E-cigarette Safety

In late October, a Florida man suffered serious injury after an e-cigarette exploded, leaving him with serious internal and external burn injuries. He is still in a coma and still in serious condition following the incident, and the situation is causing some to ask questions about e-cigarettes.

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are vaporizers that work on batteries. Users can insert different flavors of liquids into the device and the e-cigarette turns the liquid into vapor. E-cigarettes have become intensely popular over the past few years. Some users say the devices help them quit smoking, since it’s possible to control the amount of tobacco being used in the devices or even to use tobacco-free liquids in e-cigarettes. Others simply like the sensation of using e-cigarettes, especially since they don’t produce smoke.


E-cigarettes and Safety

Some people claim that e-cigarettes are safer since they have fewer additives and since they can be used without any tobacco. Others claim that they can lead to tobacco addiction and the lack of smoke doesn’t necessarily guarantee the health of these products. The scientific literature at this time is divided; some studies claim the devices are safe and others suggest there are no health benefits to using e-cigarettes when compared with smoking.

Whether e-cigarettes are in fact safer or not, the most recent injury suggests users will at least want to take a few precautions:

1) If you want to quit smoking, talk to your doctor.

While some people claim e-cigarettes have helped then quit smoking, they are not the only way to quit. Talk to your doctor about smoking-cessation programs that might work for you.

2) Buy quality e-cigarettes and liquids.

Read reviews and buy quality products you trust.

3) Use batteries safely

The man who sustained burns a few weeks ago may have been injured due to battery issues, firefighters at the scene have suggested. If your e-cigarette batteries become damaged, remove them and dispose of them safely. Always use the right type of battery for your device and keep batteries in protective cases when not in use.

4) Replace e-cigarettes if they become damaged or worn.

A few years ago, a man was injured when using an e-cigarette because his e-cigarette stopped producing vapor, meaning the man swallowed the liquid directly. Always check your e-cigarettes for any signs of defects or damage. Replace them at once if anything doesn’t seem right.

5) Never use modify e-cigarettes or use them in ways they’re not intended.

Always follow e-cigarette manufacturer’s directions and do not many any modifications to your e-cigarette.

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