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Early-Morning Miami Gardens Truck Accident

According to news reports, Joe Amunategui was involved in an early-morning Miami Gardens truck accident when an 18-wheeler hit his car on Northwest 27th Avenue. According to Amunategui, the driver of the truck drove over part of his car and spun his vehicle into a wall. The truck driver then kept going and an officer who was at the scene assisted by calling for emergency personnel. The accident is still under investigation.

Unfortunately, the accident is not an isolated one. Many Miami Gardens car accidents and truck accidents are hit and run accidents, with one driver failing to stop at the scene of a crime. There are many reasons why drivers fail to stop at the scene of a Miami Gardens traffic accident, according to experts. Drivers may be under the influence of drugs or may be engaging in some other illegal activity and may be wary of getting caught. They may also not want to face police for other reasons. In some cases, drivers panic and leave the scene of a crime.

Unfortunately, hit and run Miami Gardens traffic accidents are a serious and all-too-common concern. When drivers fail to stop, they break the law. They also make it harder for victims at the scene of get appropriate help. In this case, Amunategui was fortunate that he remained conscious and that a police officer was nearby to help. However, in a serious Miami Gardens pedestrian accident or traffic accident, the victim may be too injured to call for help and there may not be anyone nearby to call for assistance. In these cases, the victim may die from injuries if the other motorist does not stop to offer help. In addition, not stopping to exchange contact information can make it harder for a victim to get compensation for any injuries, since no insurance information is exchanged.

Hit and run truck accidents can be especially difficult to investigate, as well. A truck may be rented by one company to another, and may be carrying cargo for a third party. In many cases, the truck may be from outside of Florida or even out of state. Finding the truck can be extremely challenging, especially if the victim does not get a clear description of the vehicle.

Even if a truck involved in a hit-and-run is found, it can be challenging to establish liability. In hit and run cases, the driver is often held liable. However, a truck company’s policies may contribute to the accident if the company failed to screen or train the driver adequately. The company may therefore be held liable as well. In many cases, it takes a qualified Miami Gardens personal injury attorney to investigate a hit and run accident and to determine liability.

The injuries resulting from a Miami Gardens truck accident can be frightening and devastating, but there is no reason why you need to go through the process alone. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation so that you can discuss your case with a personal injury attorney. Your consultation can help you understand whether you have a case and can help you see how much your case could be worth.