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Everyone Has a Role to Play in Preventing Florida Truck Accidents

There are many people who can help prevent car accidents:

1) Legislators. Lawmakers can and do pass laws which can help prevent Florida truck accidents. Legislators, for example, can pass laws regulating the trucking industry or pass laws regarding the rules of the road.

2) Advocacy groups and the press. Advocacy groups and the press play an important role in preventing Florida car accidents and truck accidents because they raise awareness about traffic accidents and the issued which cause them. For example, in recent years, the media as well as advocacy groups have raised the alarm about distracted driving and in some cases have been successful in convincing the public about the dangers on the roads.

3) Citizens. Citizens form an important link between advocacy groups, the media, and legislators. Citizens, responding to media reports and their own experiences, often lobby legislators and local representatives in order to change laws. By discussing events related to road safety and trucking accidents, citizens can also help spread a message about safety.

4) Trucking companies and the trucking industry. Trucking companies play a pivotal role in preventing Florida trucking accidents. Trucking companies can decide to put profits first or can make a commitment to safety. They can decide to carefully select and train safe truckers and can create conditions which encourage truck drivers to make good decisions about safety.

5) Truck drivers. When truck drivers get behind the wheel of a large truck, they decide on a moment-to-moment basis how safe they will be. Truck drivers decide whether to speed, whether to text and drive, and whether to keep their full focus on the roads.

6) Motorists and others who share the road with truck drivers. Motorists, too, have a responsibility for staying safe on the roads. Good motorists stay out of truck blind spots and avoid cutting trucks off.

7) Law enforcement. Law enforcement ensures that the laws passed by legislators are adhered to – both by truck drivers and motorists.

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