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Florida Car Accidents Target of Florida Highway Patrol

Recently, the Florida Highway Patrol announced the addition of a new motor squad to their team. Acting on public requests, the FHP has designated four troopers to the squad to patrol Interstate 95 in an effort to reduce automobile accidents on the popular highway. According the FHP, the move will help ensure that stranded motorists are assisted quickly and will ensure that truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other Florida car accidents are attended to fast. Thanks to the fact that the troopers will be on motorcycles, they will be able to access roadway shoulders and heavily congested areas that until now were difficult for law enforcement to access with traditional patrol cars.

In addition to this step, the FHP continues its educational campaign to promote safe driving. The FHP website offers many driving tips as well as current highway reports, meant to assist drivers. Public service announcements, videos, and radio spots are just some of the other ways that the FHP is trying to ensure safety on the roads. According to the FHP, there are many things that drivers can do to avoid automobile accidents in Florida:

*Slow down! It’s very basic information, but a significant number of car accidents occur because of speeding.
*Don’t drive distracted. Many of the new FHP awareness programs focus on the risks of talking on a cell phone, having an argument, or otherwise multitasking in the car. According to the FHP, every driver needs to have their full focus on the road.
*Don’t drive when tired or impaired. Impaired drivers and drivers who fall asleep at the wheel cause many car accidents each year.
*Make sure that your car is in good repair. A suddenly stalling car can cause a chain reaction collision on a busy street and poorly working windshield wipers can obstruct vision and cause an accident.
*Adjust your driving to the conditions. Florida enjoys many sunny, mild days each year, but drivers need to slow down and take extra precautions when foggy or rainy conditions occasionally occur.
*Always follow the rules of the road and take additional driver training if you need it.

If everyone were to follow these rules, there would be far fewer fatal accidents and serious personal injuries stemming from car accidents each year. The FHP hopes their new campaign will help reduce the numbers of accidents on Florida’s roads.