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Florida Medical Malpractice Trial Ending

Naples, Florida has been the site of a very involved medical malpractice case. Gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Marks is being sued by Melvin Dill. The case stems from the fact that Marks performed a colonoscopy on Judith Dill. Dill’s husband, Melvin Dill has launched a medical malpractice claim, alleging that Marks’ procedure caused complications that lead to Judith Dill’s death.

The charges stem from 2003. On April 4, 2003, Judith Dill went to what is now Downtown Naples Hospital but what was at the time known as Naples Community Hospital. Dill lived with her elderly father each winter in Bonita Springs, which is why she attended the Naples hospital.

On April 4, Judith Dill had a successful total knee replacement surgery. However, a few days later Dill was ill, vomiting and expiring nausea. Dill had a history of feeling ill after anesthesia. To address the symptoms, Marks, of Consultants in Gastroenterology, was consulted about the case on April 8. On April 9, Marks performed an endoscopy. On April 12, her performed a colonoscopy. After this second procedure by Marks, Dill aspirated and vomited repeatedly.

This was only the beginning of complications that Dill’s husband alleges stem from the procedures. After vomiting and aspirating, the vomit entered Dill’s lungs. This caused an infection that eventually led Dill’s organs to shut down. She was pronounced dead on April 25, 2003.

On April 15, 2007, a jury cleared Marks of any wrongdoing in the death. It is expected that Dill will be awarded $957,460.82 — $45,460.82 for cremation and funeral expenses as well as time spent by Dill in intensive care, $152,000 for the years of the Dills’ marriage and $38,000 for lost companionship, lost services and for Melvin Dill’s pain and suffering.