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Florida Motorcycle Accidents Cause Many Life Changes for Victims

Each year, Florida motorcycle accidents cause fatalities and permanent injuries. Victims of motorcycle accidents in Miami and other Florida cities often find themselves with severe brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. In fact, motorcycle accidents can lead to many serious and life-altering changes:

1) Life-altering injuries. Many injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are quite serious. Motorcycle riders have little chance against the size and force of a truck or car and in many cases riders are ejected from the motorcycle and are thrown some way. Florida burn injuries are also common in this type of accident, because the fuel tank of a motorcycle is generally far more exposed than that of a passenger vehicle. Florida spinal cord injuries and brain injuries are also common with this type of accident, and can lead to permanent injury.

2) Financial distress. Many Florida motorcycle accident victims face severe financial hardship after their accident. While many victims believe that their vehicle insurance and medical insurance carrier will take care of the costs, many victims quickly find out that this is not the case. There is often a cap placed on the recovery for vehicle damage, for example, and many medical insurance carriers do not fully cover the costs of long-term care and so-called “optional” treatments. A victim who has sustained a permanent brain or spinal cord injury may require millions of dollars of medical care over a lifetime. Usually, a victim needs to work closely with a Florida personal injury attorney to secure this type of settlement claim. Medical cost is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the US today, so securing a fair settlement is imperative in helping accident victims avoid lifelong financial distress.

3) Job changes. A permanent injury after a motorcycle accident will usually mean extensive time away from work, and resulting income loss. As well, some motorcycle accident victims will be unable to return to their jobs and will need to find an alternative stream of income or will need to train for a new job. A good personal injury attorney can fight for a fair settlement that helps cover these losses.

4) Personal loss and emotional changes. Many motorcycle accident victims feel frustrated and upset after their accident, especially if they have sustained a permanent injury. In some tragic cases, fatalities take place as a result of motorcycle accidents. In these cases, a family loses a loved one and often an income-earner as well. While there is no way to put a price tag on grief, Florida law does make provisions which allow victims to pursue damages for pain and suffering. This settlement money can help pay for counseling and other forms of care which can help a family deal with their loss.

If you or a loved one have been in a Florida motorcycle accident, there is a great deal to think about. The total costs and expenses will typically be much higher than you realize at first. Even an accident that does not lead to permanent injury can result in tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs, repair costs, and lost income. If you have been a motorcycle accident, it is important to consult with a qualified attorney. A good Florida attorney can evaluate your case, determine the costs of your accident, and can aggressively fight for your rights so that you at least have the financial resources you need to focus on healing.

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