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Florida Truck Accidents and Tire Defects

Florida trucks and truck drivers rely on good truck tires. Good tires support the entire weight of the truck – which can weigh more than 80 000 pounds when fully loaded — and provide stability. Unfortunately, when tire defects and blowouts happen, the result is often tragic accidents on Florida’s roads. There are many reasons why tire defects take place:

1) Used tires. Some trucking companies buy used tires to place on their trucks in order to save money. However, if tires have been part of a serious car accident or truck accident, their stability and durability may be compromised. As well, allowing trucks with well-worn and well-used tires is often a recipe for disaster, as these tires may not have the treads and stability to carry a large load. Even unused tires that have been in storage for a long period of time may no longer be road-worthy, as rubber can wear down with time.

2) Incorrect demounting, mounting, and maintenance of tires. Trucking companies need to have their truck tires installed and maintained by qualified professionals who can abide by current Federal OSHA regulations. Tires should be maintained regularly and checked for leaks, wear, and any possible hazards.

3) Incorrect matching of rims and tires. Rims and tires on Florida trucks need to match. If an incorrectly fitted tire is forced on a smaller rim or a larger rim, the tire will usually be over-inflate to “make it fit” and this over-inflation can cause the tire to explode under pressure.

4) Incorrect tires for the job. Large commercial Florida trucks can weigh 80 000 or more. They need tires that have been approved for these weight amounts.

5) Tire defects. Some manufacturers inadvertently create tires which have defects. Unfortunately, these tires are more likely to fail on Florida’s roads, because warm weather can actually cause all sorts of tire problems. When tire defects lead to accidents, the result can be tire blowouts. Evidence of these blowouts is seen all over Florida in the form of steel belting and shards of rubber on the roadways. Tire blowouts on Florida’s busy roads can cause serious secondary car accidents.

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