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Florida Truck Accidents Can Cause Burn Injuries

There are many Florida car accidents involving trucks, and in many of these accidents, serious injuries or even fatalities result. Truck accidents can cause a variety of injuries, including burn injuries. Florida burn injury patients brought in from car accidents and road accidents often face a long recovery time, considerable pain and suffering, as well as high medical costs.

Burn injuries can occur in a truck accident if a truck is carrying a flammable material which catches on fire. As well, chemical burns can occur if a truck is loaded with a dangerous chemical substance which spills and affects passengers and bystanders. In some cases, the force of a truck hitting a car causes enough of an impact to start a fire. Fueled by spilled gas, this fire can easily burn out of control and burn passengers as well as bystanders.

Florida burn injury patients are usually rushed to hospital right from the accident scene. Usually, emergency room personnel first work to stabilize the patient’s condition. While most people think of burns as being mainly a skin condition, serious burns caused by traffic accidents can in fact be fatal. Fires caused by a truck accident can burn hot enough to seriously injure a person, melting not only the skin, but also the fatty tissue, muscles, and even bones underneath. If major organs are affected by the burns, a person’s life can be endangered.

Once the patient is stabilized, the next step is often treating the burns. Treatment will depend upon the severity of the burns. Often, a major concern is to prevent infection and to save as much of the skin and underlying tissue as possible. Pain management is also often an important part of the process, as burn injuries can be extremely painful, affecting nerve endings which send pain signals to the brain.

Florida burn injury patients often face a long recovery. They may need therapy to deal with the trauma of the accident and the changes in their appearance. They also generally need skin grafts as well as other skin treatments in order to cover the burn marks. In cases where a burn is very severe, patients may need rehabilitation and physiotherapy in order to regain use of their limbs and their muscles. Reconstructive surgery is often necessary in order to help a person lead a full and normal life after their injury. Unfortunately, many insurance companies dismiss skin grafts and reconstructive surgery as cosmetic and often refuse to pay for these very expensive treatments. A good Florida personal injury attorney is often a must for Florida burn injury patients. A good lawyer can helped negotiate with your insurance company to ensure that you get the financial support you need after serious injuries such as a burn injury.

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