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Florida Truck Accidents Involving Multiple Trucks

Along highways, especially, Florida car accidents and truck accidents often are caused by multiple vehicles. Multiple truck accidents are very complex cases because:

1) In these cases, there is usually a few mitigating factors involved. Multi-vehicle crashes usually occur due to complex reasons, such as a combination of weather and speed. After the fact, it can be complex to isolate all the specific factors without accurate accident reconstruction and analysis by investigative professionals.

2) Different passengers may have different ideas of how the accident happened. The police reports of Florida truck accidents involving multiple vehicles are often confused, because drivers near the rear of the crash may not have seen the initial impact and may have a very different view of events than the drivers in the first cars to collide.

3) There may be many liable parties. Every driver in such a crash may be held partly liable for the accident and car manufacturers, truck carriers, and others may also be held partly liable. It can take a skilled Florida attorney to determine and sort out all this information.

4) There are multiple sources of information. Conflicting reports are taken from different drivers and every car must be examined, as well as every truck in the crash. Such a crash usually involves multiple insurance companies and even multiple investigations by different attorneys and insurance carriers.

5) Evidence can easily get misplaced or damaged. Because there are so many people involved in this type of crash and because there are so many sources of information, early evidence recovery and investigation is important. In many cases, insurance companies arrive early at such accident scenes, knowing that the risk of evidence contamination exists. In some cases, insurance companies arrive before the police.

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