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Florida’s Move Over Law Can Help Prevent Car Accidents

The Florida Highway Patrol has recently been promoting two campaigns to help reduce the number of car accidents in the state. The “Buckle Up Florida” campaign has been around for a while and has been designed to encourage Florida drivers and passengers to use their seat belts constantly in order to help prevent injuries in the event of a car crash. Thanks to the media efforts made, many Florida residents have heard of this campaign.

The “Move Over Florida” campaign which is currently being promoted by The Florida Highway Patrol is also the law. The law was passed in 2002 and requires any driver in Florida who is approaching emergency vehicles on the side of the road to change lanes. The law creates a vacant lane for the emergency vehicles and emergency personnel to work. If a driver on only on a two lane road, the driver must slow down to at least 20 miles an hour less than the posted speed limit.

The law is designed to help protect not only drivers but also the emergency personnel who might be at work on the side of the road. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that many accidents happen because drivers take too many risks and drive too close to the road where emergency vehicles are at work. This sort of driving can result in serious personal injury to emergency personnel and to the driver. It can also prevent anyone who is injured and getting medical help from getting to a hospital sooner.

Those who ignore the Move Over Florida law will be issued a ticket and will have to pay a fine. You can learn more about law by contacting the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Both Florida Highway Patrol campaigns are aimed to keep drivers safer. Car accidents unfortunately still claim many lives in the state and cause serious injuries such as paralysis, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, disfigurement, loss of limbs, and brain injuries. Buckling your seat belt can help you avoid injuries if you are in a car accident while following the Move Over law can help you avoid car crashes.