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Getting the Best Care Possible After a Burn Injury

If you have sustained a serious burn injury as a result of a chemical burn, car accident, fire, or other incident, you will need the best care possible in order to recover from your injury. Burn injuries require a complex series of treatments in many cases, because these injuries can be complex. You will generally require immediate treatment to try to minimize the damage. If you have been burned, you will also usually need treatment for pain management as well as treatment to repair damaged skin and tissue. If you have a very severe burn, part of your treatment will inevitably involve rehabilitation to regain mobility in the affected area. You will also generally need cosmetic surgery to restore the look of your skin.

Burn injuries are a very difficult and traumatic injury and recovery can take months or years, depending on the location or the severity of the burn. Many burns leave permanent injuries as well. For example, burns to the facial area may result in loss of sight, hearing, or other sensory functions. Severe burns to the limbs can permanently affect a person’s mobility and ability to work.

After a burn injury, one of your main priorities will be to secure the best care possible. The better medical treatment you are able to secure, the better your chances of recovering fully from your injury. However, knowing where and how to secure the best treatment can be daunting. Most patients have multiple treatment options and knowing which options to select can be challenging. As well, information available about burn injuries is very detailed and technical. It is possible to get lost in all the data when trying to make an informed decision through research.

If you have been injured and have sustained a severe burn, your first priority will generally be to secure emergency help. Your nearest emergency room will likely provide this. Depending on your location and injuries, you may be moved to a burn unit for further emergency treatment. Once you are out of the emergency room, you will inevitably have more options. You may be referred to a specialist for more treatment. You may also need to choose a facility or professional for rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery. Additionally, you may need to work with a surgeon if multiple procedures are needed to help you recover mobility.

In general, there are a few things you can do to make selecting the right treatment options easier. For example, you may wish to speak to your family doctor about your condition or assign one person in charge of your care. For example, you may decide to have one burn injury specialist oversee your care; all subsequent decisions regarding your recovery will be discussed with him or her. Having one professional in charge of your care helps prevent some complications and some medical errors, since one professional is following up and managing your care. Also, dealing with one professional allows you to receive informed and consistent advice.

Another good option for getting the best treatment is to become an informed patient. Learn about the burn unit at your local hospital and find out about treatment options and professionals at the unit who might be able to help you. Join a support group for burn injury victims. In addition to receiving support from the group, you will also likely learn about what others have experienced during treatment and this first-hand information can help you understand your treatment options as well.