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Health Conditions Can Mean Florida Truck Accident Risks

Much has been written about truck drivers and motorists who cause Florida car accidents and truck accidents due to the choices they make. For example, Florida drunk driving accidents are so difficult to cope with because they are so preventable – one person’s decision to drive under the influence leads to this type of accident, which can affect many lives. However, in some cases, Florida truck accidents and car accidents are caused by medical conditions. A motorists or truck driver may unknowingly have a condition which causes severe symptoms which can affect driving ability. Common conditions which can lead to Florida car accidents and truck accidents include:

1) Strokes. Strokes can occur at any time, but when they occur behind the wheel of a car or truck, they can result in a serious in a serious truck accident. A patient who has had a stroke usually suffers from problems with mobility and memory, which can also severely impair driving ability. Visiting a doctor often and looking for risk factors – such as high blood pressure – can help prevent strokes.

2) Cardiac illness. Cardiac illness can include everything from irregular heart beats to genetic defects to heart attacks and heart failure. When a cardiac event occurs on the road, an accident is almost guaranteed as the victim quickly loses consciousness. Patients with heart problems need to be evaluated by a physician to determine their fitness to drive.

3) Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can strike at any time, especially in patients who are obese. Diabetes and problems with blood sugar can cause many serious and dangerous symptoms, including dizziness, weakness, and loss of consciousness. Drivers who have diabetes must carefully manage their conditions to avoid accidents and patients who are at risk of diabetes need to be tested frequently to ensure that they do not develop the disease without realizing it.

4) Sleep disorders. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea are responsible for many Florida truck accidents and car accidents. When drivers have sleep disorders they are often unaware of the problem. They may feel more tired than usual, but they often do not see this as a symptom. Unfortunately, sleep disorders ensure inadequate sleep, which means that drivers with these conditions are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel and cause a Florida truck accident or car accident. Any sudden fatigue should be investigated promptly by a physician to rule out an illness.

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