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Helicopter Injuries

Seeing Miami, Hollywood, and the rest of South Florida from the air is a wonderful experience. There are helicopter tours the area as well as helicopter lessons you can find if you want to learn to fly yourself. In addition, helicopters can be used for medical transport or sometimes even for commutes or for getting from one airport to another.


While most helicopter rides end with nothing but memories, helicopter injuries can occur in Hollywood and across South Florida. They tend to be serious of life-threatening injuries, because of the heights involved and size of helicopters. Helicopter injuries can include spinal cord injuries, paralysis, fractures, quadriplegia, amputations, head injuries, fatalities, and more.

If you have sustained a helicopter injury, you will want to:

  • Get immediate medical assistance. Even if you think you are fortunate enough to walk away without any injuries, get a full evaluation to determine whether you have any soft tissue or head injuries. Some trauma may not present any symptoms right away but may still require immediate medical treatment.
  • Take a look at your insurance policies. If you have medical insurance, travel insurance, or other policies, check to see what is and isn’t covered. If you were on a helicopter tour, check to see whether you are covered under the tour operators’ policy. If you are not sure about which insurance covers you, speak to an attorney. It is especially important to get legal advice before accepting any insurance settlement and before signing any paperwork. An attorney can ensure you don’t sign away your rights for less than you deserve.
  • Document and keep as much information about the incident as you can. Get the contact information of any possible witnesses, copies of your medical records, photos of your injuries, and more. The more information you have, the more details you may have to help you and your attorney determine what caused the accident.
  • Contact an aviation injury attorney in Hollywood right away. You have only a limited amount of time to file a claim and you may need to file a lawsuit to get compensation for lost wages, property damages, medical bills, and more. If your helicopter accident was caused by manufacturer defects, tour operator negligence, or the recklessness or negligence of any party, you may have a claim.

Filing an Aviation Negligence Claim in Hollywood or South Florida

You will want to work with a qualified attorney when filing an aviation personal injury claim in Hollywood or South Florida. There may be multiple liable parties, including the owner of the helicopter, the owner of the property where the injury took place, the manufacturer of the helicopter, and other parties. It is important that a qualified Hollywood aviation accident attorney help you find all liable parties and pursue all legal avenues to ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries.

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