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Help a Senior Avoid Abuse and Negligence

May is Older Americans Month, according to the Association for Community Living. If you have elderly family members, there many things that you can do to ensure their safety:

1) Help protect your elderly loved ones against nursing home abuse and neglect.

Unfortunately, older Americans who are placed in assisted-living communities, nursing homes, retirement homes, and other caregiver situations sometimes fall victim to abuse and neglect in these Homestead and Florida caregiving settings where they’re supposed to be most protected.


Before placing a loved one in care, research the facility or caregivers carefully. Visit frequently and keep alert for any signs of abuse or unexplained injuries or illnesses. If you do notice signs of abuse and neglect, act immediately before the situation escalates.

Even if there is a family member taking care of an elderly loved one, keep in mind that caregiver fatigue can lead to neglect and abuse. Make sure that caregivers are given the support they need and are given breaks from their caregiving tasks so that they are in a good emotional space to provide quality care.

2) Take an elderly loved one to a doctor, dentist, or eye doctor this month.

Frequent physical checkups are very important, especially as we age. A doctor can help evaluate a senior’s medication as well as overall physical condition. An eye doctor can help detect any eye problems that could lead to falls or injuries, and a dentist can help notice any signs of gum disease or other potentially life-threatening conditions.

3) Spend time with a loved one.

For seniors, loneliness is sometimes the most dangerous condition of all. If you know someone who is in an assisted-living facility, nursing home, or simply spends a lot of time at home because of reduced mobility, take some time this month to visit them. Providing a support network can help keep your loved one safer and healthier.

4) Make sure that a loved one has the home conditions needed for safety.

Make sure that elderly loved ones have sturdy footwear and sensible clothing as well as canes or walkers if they need them. Proper mobility can help a senior maintain their independence and can help prevent falls. If a loved one is having mobility problems, ensure that their Homestead or Florida home is made accessible for them. Grab bars in the bathrooms, ramps to the front walk, and no-slip treads on hard surface flooring are all relatively simple fixes that can help prevent falls and injury.

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