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Helping Someone With a Personal Injury

Just about every American is indirectly affected by personal injury. You may have a co-worker with a spinal cord injury. Your brother may have sustained a burn injury after a car accident. The truth is, you likely know someone who has a personal injury and over your lifetime you will know at least one close family member or friend who sustains a serious personal injury. It is normal to feel helpless and unsure of what to do, but if you know someone who has sustained a serious injury, there are several things you can do:

1) Be there. Whether your loved one has sustained a burn injury, fracture, spinal cord injury, or another injury, you support and presence alone is a big boost of help. Many people avoid visiting injured friends and family, unsure of what to say and do, but the truth is you do not have to say much at all. Just being there for your friend or loved one speaks volumes.

2) Research the condition. It may be helpful to learn more about your friend or loved one’s injury. What is the prognosis? What types of treatment will your friend go through? Knowing what is involved can help you be there for your friend and can help you understand the situation. It can also help prepare you for the months or years of recovery.

3) Get support if you need it. If a close friend or family member has sustained a serious injury, it can impact your life and emotions greatly. If you feel upset, angry, or depressed, consider joining a support group or speaking to a therapist. If your friend or family member is having a hard time accepting their own injury, it can also be useful for you to talk about your own emotions with someone.

4) Decide what you need. Do not get so wrapped up in someone’s injury that you forget your own needs. Especially in the event that someone close to you has a serous injury, make sure you eat well, get plenty of rest, and exercise. Take care of yourself, as you will not be very helpful if you are ill or injured yourself.

5) Listen and encourage gently. One of the best things you can do is listen to the range of emotions and worries your friend or family member likely has about his or her injury. Just having someone to talk to can be a tremendous help for someone who is injured. If your friend could benefit from a doctor, specialist, or Florida personal injury attorney, kindly make the suggestion. Encourage your friend or family member to think positively and focus on the future.