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Holiday Injuries You Can Avoid

While the holidays can be a time for gratitude, family, and friends, they can also be a time when certain injuries and accidents are more likely to happen:

1) Slip and fall accidents. Many Florida slip and fall accidents take place during the holiday season. The weather sometimes gets very wet at this time of year and there tends to be more pedestrian traffic in public places, such as malls. At the same time, there are more visitors and gatherings, where slip and fall accidents can also take place. Wearing sturdy shoes and cleaning up spills or obstacles quickly can help prevent these types of accidents.

2) Burn injuries. Fires and Florida burn injuries are common during the holiday season. As we run around more to get holiday errands done and as we leave our homes for extended periods of time, we sometimes forget to blow out candles or unplug appliances, which can result in fires. As well, more of us burn candles at this time of year as part of holiday d├ęcor. Having a working smoke detector and using extra caution with candles can help prevent these types of accidents.

3) Injuries to children and minors. Children and minors are more vulnerable to injuries at this time of year. Out of school, children may receive less supervision at this time of year. At the same time, gifts, holiday decorations, and extra travel all pose risks and potential hazards to children. Careful supervision and child-proofing are important.

4) Drunk driving accidents. Many holiday parties serve good cheer as well as alcoholic drinks, and this can cause Florida drunk driving accident rates to peak during the holiday season. It is vital to always have at least two alternative means of getting home if you are going to a party. As well, if you are throwing a party, make sure that you provide guests with safe ways of getting home. Many communities have special shuttle and bus services during the holiday season just for this purpose.

5) Pool accidents. Many people associate Florida pool accidents and near-drownings with summer, but in fact the holiday season represents a real risk. When homeowners go away for the holidays, children and intruders can easily access a pool area unless that pool area is secured locked and gated. It is important for homeowners to check their pool gates, locks, and fences to ensure that the pool area is completely secured at this time of year.

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