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Hot Tub Injuries in Key West

Hot tubs can be found in Key West hotels, homes, spas, gyms, and other locations. For hydrotherapy or for relaxation, hot tubs are a treat for the senses with warm water, scent, and whirlpool jets. Quality, well-designed hot tubs which are properly maintained are a safe way to enjoy the water, but manufacturer defects and owner negligence can result in hot tub injuries.


Common Hot Tub Injuries in Key West

About 6000 people across the country are injured in hot tubs each year. The most common injuries include:

  • Slipping injuries: Walking too close to the hot tub and slipping in or slipping around the inside of the tub can lead to contusions, scrapes, and other injuries.
  • Head injuries: Leaping or diving into a tub can cause fractures, head injuries, and other serious injuries. The surface of hot tubs is hard, so any sharp contact with the head can lead to concussions and serious head trauma.
  • Drowning: Going under the water or getting entangled with incorrectly-covered drains can lead to drowning. Smaller children are especially at risk of drowning in hot tubs, although adults are also at risk, especially if they get drowsy while soaking or are drinking in the whirlpool tub and slip under the water.
  • Heat-related injuries: Staying in hot tubs too long and having the wrong water temperature can lead to overheating and even burns.
  • Allergic reactions and infections: If hot tubs are not kept scrupulously clean, bacteria can thrive in them and can make you seriously ill. In some cases, people have also developed allergies to the chemicals used to clean the tub area.

Staying Safe in Hot Tubs

  • Don’t soak alone and never let children play around a hot tub alone.
  • Treat your hot tub like a pool and keep it covered and gated in.
  • Always check hot tubs and drain covers before getting in.
  • Get in and out carefully, using a grab bar.
  • Never dive into a hot tub; the water is not deep enough.
  • Soak sober to avoid falling asleep and slipping under the water.
  • Install good lighting around your whirlpool so you can watch your step.
  • Attach no-slip grips to the bottom of your own whirlpool tub.
  • Make sure the temperature is below 104 degrees Fahrenheit and limit soaking to 15 minutes at a time.

Key West Hot Tub Injury Claims

If you have been injured by a hot tub at a hotel, gym, spa, resort, or other facility, you may have a Key West premises liability claim. If your own hot tub was incorrectly designed, maintained, or installed, you may have a claim against the manufacturer or the contractor hired for the installation or maintenance.

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