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How Florida Medical Malpractice Victims Can Fight Back

There are many types of medical malpractice cases quite common in Florida: prognosis misdiagnoses, surgical negligence, birth injury, anesthesia malpractice, contaminated blood, and injury from prescription drugs. Injuries resulting from these cases can lead to fatalities, brain injuries, permanent disability, spinal cord injury, and many other types of serious ailments.

By definition, medical negligence, or medical malpractice, as it is sometimes known, occurs when a health-care provider does not act responsibly or reasonably, causing harm or injury to a patient. Unfortunately, medical malpractice is widespread. According to the Institute of Medicine, up to 90,000 people die every year in US hospitals because of medical mistakes. This makes medical mistakes a leading cause of death among Americans. More than 1.3 million patients are injured each year because of medication errors alone.

One problem that occurs when victims try to fight back against medical malpractice is that medical mistakes are sometimes posited as simply mistakes. Also, strong insurance policies for medical practitioners as well as a health-care providers’ determination to stick up for one another sometimes makes it difficult for victims to find out exactly what happened when a loved one sustained a serious injury or even died as a result of negligence.

If something unexpected has occurred during medical care, and this has resulted in a death or serious injury, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth and make any health-care provider accountable for the harm caused. This is important because finding out the truth can make you eligible for compensation which can help you deal with the financial burden of serious injury or death. Also, physicians who commit medical malpractice sometimes can be repeat offenders. By exposing a health-care provider’s negligence and recklessness, you could be saving other families from the same pain you feel now.

The best action to take if you have suffered a injury or have lost a loved one due to medical malpractice is to consult a good Florida attorney. A Florida lawyer with experience in medical malpractice cases can conduct an investigation to find out whether a mistake has been made. An attorney may also contact state regulatory boards as well as licensing authorities to ensure that other patients are not harmed.

Unfortunately, many medical malpractice mistakes cannot be undone. Even if you file a medical malpractice suit and are successful, the damage that was caused by the negligent actions often cannot be undone. However, seeking legal assistance can sure that the financial difficulties that you are facing as a result of the negligence can be corrected. Having a doctor’s license revoked or suspended because he or she is reckless or negligent can also help prevent other people from falling prey to the same mistakes and that have affected you and your family.