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How Rudeness Can Lead to Florida Trucking Accidents

Rudeness is usually seen as a social fault, and certainly not as something potentially fatal. However, on the road, rudeness can actually cause dangerous situations which lead to Florida car accidents and truck accidents. Rude behavior that can be downright dangerous includes:

1) Cutting trucks off. Cutting off a commercial truck is rude to the truck driver – but it can also be deadly for the passenger car driver. Trucks take a longer time to stop than smaller vehicles, so a truck that is cut off may not have enough time to stop. When passing a truck, give yourself plenty of room before you cut back in. This is especially true if you are on an incline, where a larger and heavier truck will be picking up speed.

2) Road rage. Road rage is never polite – the screaming, swearing, and rude gestures are never appropriate. However, in a confrontation with a truck driver, such behavior can be downright deadly. Road rage can distract a truck driver, causing an accident. It can also distract you, causing you to make a deadly mistake.

3) Aggressive driving. Speeding, swerving, cutting other drivers off, and otherwise driving aggressively makes other drivers angry because it is rude. Driving aggressively around trucks, however, is dangerous because aggressive driving often involves erratic and impulsive maneuvers – maneuvers that truck drivers cannot anticipate in time.

4) Tailgating. Tailgating is always considered aggressive and rude. With a truck, it can lead to a car accident, since truck drivers cannot see directly behind them due to blind spots. If you are following too close to a truck, you likely cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s mirrors, and that means that the truck driver cannot see you.

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