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How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Distracted Driving and Truck Accidents in Hollywood and Other Communities

According to a 2009 report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving is a serious concern for truck drivers, with distracted driving causing truck collisions in Hollywood and other cities across the country. In many cases, distracted driving was caused by:

•Eating and drinking
•Mobile devices
•Watching people or other cars
•Reading a map
•Playing with radios or other devices

Motorists cause car accidents in Hollywood and other cities with these same distractions, but the results of a large truck accident can be even more devastating. Due to the size and force of trucks, the results of this type of accident are more likely to result in severe injury or even fatalities. According to safety experts, there are several things that truck drivers can do to help prevent distracted driving and resulting accidents:

1) Avoid temptation by turning off mobile devices. Texting while driving is banned by federal law for commercial truck drivers, but when a mobile device indicates an incoming message, it is human nature to be curious.

2) Set up the cab so that simple driving-tasks can be completed without distraction. This can mean programming music so that there is no need to adjust the radio, or having water and other necessities on hand so that there is no need to hunt for these items while driving.

3) Focus on driving and take frequent breaks
. One of the big challenges for truck drivers is that they drive for so long. This can make it easy for the mind to wander – a major hazard. Regular breaks can help.

4) Ensure plenty of good quality rest. It is harder to stay focused when the mind is fatigued, so regular sleep and quality sleep can help with mental alertness. In addition to getting enough hours, it is important to get good quality sleep, and that can mean addressing issues such as sleep apnea and other conditions that can affect sleep quality.

5) Maintain good health. Illness in itself can be distracting, especially if a drive is thinking about a doctor’s appointment or the latest troubling symptom rather than the road. Maintaining good health is also important to sleeping well and avoiding distraction.

6) Keep in mind that distracted driving does not just mean mobile devices. Anything that takes the mind off of driving, the eyes off the road, or the hands from the wheel is a distraction — and can lead to a traffic accident in Hollywood. Drivers need to be very vigilant about the many distractions that are all around them and work to prevent these distractions from causing an accident.

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