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If You Are in a Truck Accident, Here is What to Do

Everyone hopes that they never need this advice. Being in a truck accident almost ensures serious injury or fatalities. The size of these trucks ensures that any serious collision results in serious damage. As well, many trucking accidents take place on highways, where speed may also be a factor and may exacerbate the damages. If you are in a trucking accident, here is what you need to do:

1) Secure the safety scene. If you are in a trucking accident, your first priority is to get as many people to safety as you can and to protect others on the road from danger. Call 911 if anyone has been injured or if any damage has occurred and divert traffic from the scene. If there is a danger of fire, move everyone as far away from the truck as possible, and refuse to allow traffic to pass. This can help prevent further injuries, including serious burn injuries.

2) Get medical attention. Anyone who has sustained even slight injuries should receive medical help immediately. Keep in mind that seemingly small head injuries and other seemingly innocuous injuries may turn out to be more serious than initially thought. Getting medical help also helps you secure evidence if you have been injured. Get the contact information for any medical personnel who arrive on the scene to assist you. If you are admitted to a hospital, get the contact information of the attending physician as well as a copy of your medical records.

3) Gather evidence. In many cases, trucking accidents eventually lead to legal action. All result in some form of insurance claim. Therefore, you should take down as much information as you can about the accident and everyone involved. Take pictures of the accident scene, get the contact information for the driver, trucking company, and the company name on both the tractor and trailer. Also, get contact information for any possible witnesses.

4) Keep track of evidence. If you are injured, start a journal to keep track of medical expenses and associated expenses (make sure to keep all receipts as well). In your journal, also note your injuries and how they affect your daily life. Take photos of your injuries over time as well. All this information can be used for your attorneys.

5) Contact a qualified Florida personal injury attorney. If a trucking accident has resulted in a fatality, police will usually have investigators gather evidence. If you have sustained an injury or have lost someone, it is important to contact a good attorney as soon as you can. As you recover or grieve, your attorney can work to investigate the accident and can safeguard your rights as well. Never sign anything after an accident unless you have spoken to an attorney first.