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Illness and Florida Slip and Fall Accidents

Florida slip and fall accidents are a major cause of Florida brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. While in some cases slip and fall accidents are caused by uneven ground or slippery spills on the ground, physical condition can also have a key impact on slip and fall accidents. In fact, physical conditions and illnesses are one reason why the elderly are especially prone to these accidents. There are many conditions and symptoms which can increase the likelihood of slip and fall accidents:

1) Medication. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications have serious side effects which can impact vision and coordination and can lead to a fall. When getting new medication, it is important to speak to a pharmacist and doctor about drug interactions and any side effects which can impact personal safety. In many cases, medications can be changed by a physician to reduce the possible side effects.

2) Eye conditions and vision problems. The elderly are subject to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and other vision problems which can cause blurriness and other symptoms. In many cases, individuals with such conditions are especially prone to Florida slip and fall accidents, simply because they cannot clearly see any obstacles or uneven surfaces in front of them. Corrective lenses and treatment can help.

3) Dizziness. Dizziness and lightheadedness are common symptoms that can be caused by anything from hormone changes to medication side effects to heart attacks. Any dizziness should be immediately investigated by a qualified doctor. It could be the symptom of an illness that needs attention.

4) Motor function. Poor motor function can be caused by a host of illnesses and can easily lead to slip and fall accidents and other serious accidents. Poor coordination can also be an important symptom of a neurological condition or problem which needs prompt medical attention.

5) Bone health. While bone health does not lead to Florida slip and fall accidents, in many cases it can determine how serious a fall is. Those suffering from osteoporosis and other conditions affecting bone density are more likely to suffer broken bones, hip fractures, and other serious problems from a fall.

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