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In the Summer, Burn Injuries are a Common Cause of Injuries to Minors and Children

When children are home from school in the summer, burn injuries are far more common. Unfortunately, burn injuries can occur just about anywhere – on a camping trip, at bath time, in the kitchen, in the backyard. Tragically, burn injuries to children can easily cause scarring, severe pain and even muscle or tissue damage. Since children are small, burn injuries can easily spread over large surfaces of the body, becoming potentially fatal. Here are some ways to prevent this type of tragedy this summer:

1) Practice fire smarts. Ensure that smoke detectors in your home are correctly installed and working properly. Rehearse your family escape plan at the start of summer.

2) Be careful during bath time. Never leave children alone in the bath tub during bath time. Not only is this a drowning risk, but children can easily burn themselves by turning on the hot water tap. Better yet, lower your water heat temperature to below 120°F. This will lower the risk of an accident burn.

3) Check your yard for flammable liquids. Never store gasoline in your yard, as it is highly flammable. If you have propane for the barbeque, stow it in a locked area well away from children. Throw away any corroded or damaged bottles. Keep matches and lighters well-hidden and locked away as well.

4) Check your kitchen. If you use fryers or oil cookers, make sure that children are not in the room when these machines are being used, since the oil from these appliances can spray. Never leave children alone in the kitchen, where they can easily touch a hot surface or spill cooking food on themselves.

5) Update your first aid kit. Your first aid kit should have gauze, bandages, antibacterial ointment, emergency phone numbers, antibiotic ointment, bandages, scissors, tweezers, gloves, an instruction manual, an ice pack, and other musts. Review the instructions in your emergency kit, throw out any expired items and stock up on any items you might need