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In The Summer, Property Liability Issues Arise Around Pools

In the summer, when many of us have our pools open, pools can pose a serious danger as well as a property liability issue. Pools lead to serious personal injuries and drowning. An incorrectly maintained or inadequately supervised pool can lead to brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and even fatalities. In addition to keeping your pool clean and inviting, you’ll want to take steps to avoid pool accidents at your home.

Pool drains that resist UV degradation can pose a hazard because they create suction that can entrap children underneath the water, causing them to drown. It is important to install anti-entrapment devices on the drains to prevent body parts and hair from becoming trapped. In addition, properly sized drain covers are a must in order to keep drains clear and to prevent injuries.

If you have children, teach them not to play near the pool without adult supervision, and make certain that they do not remove drain covers or pool covers. Even if you take every precaution, you need to make sure that your children aren’t inadvertently creating hazards in the pool area. If your child removes a drain cover, for example, someone could be injured and you could face many legal problems. Adult supervision should be available at the poolside any time someone is swimming and any time children are near the pool.

When no one is using your pool, make sure that you have a good pool cover covering the entire surface of the pool. If there’s any standing water on the surface of a pool cover, it is good to remove this excess water. Small children can drown even in the small amount of water that can gather at the top of the pool cover. Before you swim again, make sure that you remove the pool cover completely.

It is important to surround your pool, hot tub, or spa with a good fence. The fence should be at least 4 feet high and should completely enclose the spa or pool to prevent anyone from entering your property and inadvertently harming themselves in the pool. The gates in the fence should have a self-latching mechanism and should be locked for your complete protection.