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Is Inadequate Security A Concern at Your Child’s School?

Whether your child attends college or goes to a high school or grammar school, of course you expect your child school to be provided with a good level of safety as well as an education. However, child injuries in Homestead and other communities often occur at school. As you start preparing for back-to-school, ask yourself these questions to see how your child’s school measures when it comes to safety:

1) Is there good control of entrances, with gatekeepers in place?

One problem with inadequate security in Homestead and other Florida schools often stems from the fact that just anyone can stroll into a campus or into school buildings. At high schools and schools teaching younger children, especially, it is important that when a stranger enters the campus or school, they do so near an office where gatekeepers such as administrative assistants can evaluate the reason for a visit. Obviously, it is more difficult to control who enters a college campus, but there should still be security and entrances in place to offer some security.

2) Does the school have a policy for dealing with campus dangers?

The school should have a written policy for dealing with school violence, fires, and other disasters.

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3) What security measures does the school have?

Does the school have security guards, security cameras, easy to lock doors, fire alarms and extinguishers, and other precautions? Many parents take it for granted that the school does have these systems in place, but it is important to check to see what steps are being taken to keep students safe.

4) Does the school have written and reviewed policies for workplace injuries and bullying?

Unfortunately, not all threats come from the outside. Other students and staff pose one of the biggest dangers for students, both in high school and college. Schools should be prepared to act quickly when they see bullying or other internal threats. If your child has been bullied and injured and a school is not responding adequately, contact a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community to review your options for legal recourse.

5) Does the school teach safety to children to help keep them safe at school?

Does the school hold fire drills or teach children what to do if there is ever an instance of school violence? The school should review with students what they can do to keep themselves safe if the worst does happen.

6) Does the school have a drop-off zone?

One of the biggest dangers to students occurs before they even step into the classroom. Pedestrian accidents on Homestead and Florida campuses are quite common, and they can occur because of the large number of students being dropped off at school and the school buses that can be dropping students off at high schools and grammar schools. Having a dedicated drop-off zone can control the flow of traffic in the mornings in the afternoons, keeping everyone safer. If your school does not have a drop-off zone, you may wish to consult with your Parent-Teacher Association to set one up.

If your child has been injured on campus or at school, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time to set up a free, no obligation case review. There may be options that allow you to seek compensation so that you can help your child.