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Increasing Numbers of Worker’s Compensation Claims Come From Computer Related Injuries

In the workplace, computers have become mandatory at virtually every office and every work environment. Some people are doing all their work remotely from a computer. While computers make work easier, they also pose their own hazard. A number of people are reporting injuries from computers. Some of the more common injuries include:

1) Bumps and bruises. With computers getting smaller, it’s become very easy to drop a laptop or computer part on one’s hand, foot, or lap. While computers are getting smaller, however, they still weigh enough to cause serious injury. It is also easy to bump into computers or computer desks. Securing computers to workstations is one way to avoid such injuries. Leaving plenty of space around computer work stations can also reduce injuries.

2) Trip and fall accidents. Wires and cords on the floor pose a tripping hazard. Wireless networks are a great way to avoid trip and fall injuries. Another option is to tie all cords together and tie them to the leg of the computer workstation, so that the cords and wires are safely out of the way. Some workplaces are even having sockets and power outlets installed above workstations, so that cords and wires are not dragging on the floor.

3) Burn injuries. Although it is rare, there have been a number of cases in which a computer has burst into flames or has overheated seriously enough to cause injury. Keeping computers up-to-date, replacing computers with faulty or damaged wiring, and keeping track of recalled computers is an important part of keeping computer safe.

4) Repetitive stress injuries. Hours working on the computer can cause stiff necks, lower back aches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive stress injuries occur when a worker has worked in the same position for several hours. Switching tasks, using special supports for the wrists, and having an ergonomically designed workspace can help reduce such injuries significantly.

According to the American Journal Of Preventive Medicine, 9,300 people across the country sustain computer-caused injuries annually. By following a few simple tips, you can avoid these workplace dangers. You can also apply the same tips to your own home office or home computer.