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Injuries in Florida Airports

Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and other airports in the South Florida region process millions of flyers and visitors each year. Most visitors travel safely and get to their destinations without event. However, serious injuries can happen at airports and when they do occur they can ruin travel plans and cause severe distress.


What accidents are common at airports?

Many things can go wrong at airports, but common injuries include:

1) Pedestrian and vehicle accidents.

Airports are busy places and as people rush to catch their flights they may be distracted. That, coupled with high traffic areas can lead to accidents.

2) Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents.

Uneven surfaces, spills, and debris on the floor can all cause falls. In the food court area, slip and fall accidents can happen if staff don’t clean up spilled food and drinks right away. On escalators, falls can happen if escalators are not properly maintained.

3) Jetway accidents.

Jetways are attached to the plane, allowing for easy disembarking and boarding of a flight. When Jetways are not correctly secured and aligned, they can create dangerous gaps. Travelers can trip on these areas or can get legs and feet stuck in the gaps, causing fractures and serious injury. Children, because they have small feet, are especially at risk.

4) Airplane accidents.

Airplane crashes, turbulent landings, and other accidents aren’t very common but each year they do cause fatalities and devastating injury.

5) Violence.

Airports have security, screening personnel, and other measures against violence, but delayed flights and the stresses of travel can lead to outbursts and even assault. In some cases, travelers make attractive targets for thieves.

Who is liable?

The liable parties in an airport injury can vary. If you were injured in a food court because of negligent cleanup practices, you may have a claim against the food vendor and against the airport, for example. If you have been injured in a car accident on the airport property, you may have a claim against the other driver. You may also have a claim against the airport if poor signs or other design issues contributed to the crash.

Many factors can affect your ability to pursue a legal claim. If someone’s negligence, willful act, or recklessness led to your injury and you have suffered a significant injury, however, you may have a case. To find out for certain, talk to an attorney. A personal injury lawyer in Hollywood or your community can discuss the facts of the situation with you and can help you understand your legal options.

What can I do if I have been injured at an airport?

After you have sought medical attention for your injuries, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Before you sign anything or make any decisions about what to do, talk to one of our attorneys to find out what legal avenues are open to you. Our attorneys have more than sixty years of combined experience and we’d be happy to discuss your potential with you.