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It’s That Time of Year Again: Time to Focus on Florida Slip and Fall Accidents

At this time of year, it’s time to consider Florida slip and fall accidents again. Although Florida does not have the snow and ice which cause many slip and fall accidents and injuries across the country, there are still many reasons why this season tends to see a higher rate of such accidents. Wetter weather can create ripe conditions for falls, for example. As well, many Florida residents are out and about at this time of year, visiting friends and shopping for the holidays. More pedestrian traffic means more risks of Florida pedestrian accidents but also more risks for slip and fall injuries.

Thankfully, in many cases, Florida slip and fall injuries result merely in embarrassment. However, many such accidents result in Florida brain injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries. Unfortunately, seniors are most at risk for slip and fall injuries and they are also most at risk for serious injuries resulting from these accidents. Due to medications and decreased motor functions, some elderly Florida residents may be more prone to falls. At the same time, osteoporosis and other age-related illnesses make injuries from falls more serious.

There are many things you can do to help prevent Florida slip and fall injuries this season:

1) Pay close attention to elderly relatives. Check up on elderly relatives. If they need eyeglasses or are taking new medication, have them speak with a doctor to help prevent injury and falls. Make sure your elderly loved ones have sturdy shoes for the winter and walkers or canes for stability if they need them. If you have elderly family members visiting you this season, check your home to ensure that your home is free of slip and fall injury risks. As well, when your elderly loved ones arrive, consider helping them into your home to help them navigate walkways and driveways successfully.

2) Take a close look at your property. Is it well-lit? Do you have a leaky gutter or pipe that’s causing pools of water to form on your walkways? Do you have uneven paving stones or asphalt on your yard? Now is the time to fix these problems – before an injury happens. If you cannot easily fix a problem, at least create added signage to alert visitors. For example, if your walkway is uneven and you cannot repave before the holidays, add reflective tape or caution signs to keep everyone safe.

3) Take a close look at your place of work. Slip and fall accidents can just as easily occur at work and result in many Florida workers compensation claims each year – not to mention serious injuries. Take a look around your workplace for any hazards and report them to your employer or manager so that they can be fixed.

4) Reduce the risk of indoor slip and fall accidents. It’s not just wet leaves and water outside that can cause accidents. Indoor obstacles can also result in slip and fall accidents. In fact, many Florida slip and fall accidents take place inside the home. You can help prevent such accidents by keeping your floors clear of obstacles and well-treaded. Add stick-on treads to slippery floor areas and ensure that carpets and rugs are well-secured. Add grab bars in the bathroom, as well – the bathroom is one of the most common sites of injuries.

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