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Keeping Your Children Safe and Protected from Accidents in Miramar This Summer

If you live in Miramar and have children home from school for the summer break, now is the time to review safety rules and regulations to prevent injuries and tragedies. Safety experts agree that parents need to:

1) Practice pool safety. Many pool injuries in Miramar – such as drowning – are silent, so vigilance is key. Never leave small children unattended near bodies of water, even in toddler wading pools. A child can fall into a pool and can drown in just a few minutes in a few inches of water. When hosting a pool party or vacationing near a body water, make sure that there are always at least a few adults watching the children. If have a pool at your home, install an alarm system, fence, and self-locking gate to ensure that no one can enter the pool area without supervision.

2) Protect children from heat and sun. Sunstroke, heat exhaustion, and sunburn are all serious problems for children. To protect children, make sure that toddlers are kept in the shade and protect older children with sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen frequently. Do not let children stay in the car when running errands – even in the shade, the summer sun can be hot enough to seriously endanger a child after only a few minutes.

3) Keep children safe on road trips. Keep children in age-appropriate five-point harness in the car for as long as the child’s weight allows. For older children, continue to use booster seats for as long as the seat belt continues to hit the neck area. If you are ever in a car accident in Miramar, these simple tips can reduce the risk of accident for your children. Children are far less likely to be injured if they are kept in the back seat and in age-appropriate child restraints. The front seat may seem more fun for children, but in the event of a traffic collision seat belts and air bags pose a serious head injury risk, as the devices are designed for adult passengers. Traffic collisions in Miramar are one of the leading causes of serious summertime injuries for children, so take the extra steps to keep children safe.

4) Check the fire alarms and smoke detectors in your home. Summer is a time for barbecues and with dry conditions that can mean a higher risk of fires. This is also a good time to review fire escape routes with your family.

5) Get your children new bicycle helmets if their helmets are older. If your child is in a bicycle accident in Miramar, a helmet is the best way to prevent injury. One of the best ways to ensure that your child actually wears their helmet is to let them choose a helmet they like. In addition to setting up bicycle rules and insisting on a helmet, reviewing traffic safety rules is also important in prevent bike accidents.

6) Review caregiver and summer program information. Make sure that anyone who is responsible for your children in the summer is safe, has a good track record, and is reliable. Ensure that they have your up-to-date contact information.

If your child is injured and you believe that the accident was caused by negligence, contract the Flaxman Law Group to discuss the situation with a personal injury attorney. You may qualify for compensation that can help you protect your child’s future.