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Liability and Florida Truck Accidents

Many Florida truck accidents are not caused just by one factor. In most cases, a number of situations and issues can cause an accident. For example, a mechanical failure in the truck may have contributed to an accident, but road conditions as well as mistakes made by pedestrians or other drivers may have contributed to a collision.

In many cases, after a Florida truck accident, victims who have sustained serious injuries look for one answer to the accident. They decide that an accident was caused by a driver or by a mechanical failure. Even the media contributes to the idea that truck accidents are caused by one main cause. How many times have we read a headline proclaiming “Florida brain injuries caused by trucking accidents the fault of distracted drivers”? Most headlines suggest that truck accidents are caused by one factor or cause. While all of us like to keep things simple, it is important not to oversimplify the causes of a truck accident.

Determining all the factors that contribute to a truck accident is crucial because it allows a victim to seek a settlement from multiple responsible parties. This increases the chances that a victim will receive a fairer settlement which will cover all medical costs, lost income, and related costs of an accident. If you decide to pursue only one liable party, you will likely have to pay for part of your medical costs and lose income out of pocket.

For example, if you have sustained a spinal cord injury in a Florida car accident involving a truck, you may decide that the accident was caused by the truck driver. You may be able to recover part of your medical costs by pursuing the insurance carrier for the driver. However, the truck company may also have been negligent in failing to maintain the truck to specific standards. If you pursue this, you will be able to pursue the truck company as well and therefore will not have to pay for part of your medical costs out of pocket.

Most Florida truck accidents are complex events involving an almost infinite number of variables. Any one of these variables may contribute to a collision. Truck accidents may be partly the cause of mechanical failures, tire defects, road conditions, weather conditions, drunk driving, driver fatigue, and any number of other factors. A good Florida personal injury attorney can help you investigate all the causes of a truck accident, which is one reason why it is so important to contact a personal injury attorney if you have been in an accident. If you have been in a truck accident or other vehicle accident in Miami, for example, contact a good Miami attorney specializing in personal injury cases. He or she will be able to conduct a thorough investigation to determine all the causes of an accident so that you can pursue justice from all parties responsible.