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Lifestyle Factors That Can Affect Florida Truck Accident Risks

Certain lifestyle factors and life choices can increase your risk of a Florida car accident or truck accident. These lifestyle factors can also be very risky when they are shared by Florida truck drivers who are entrusted with large commercial vehicles:

1) Obesity. Obesity can lead to many health problems, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and other serious conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions can also be sneaky. A truck driver may not realize that he has these conditions until symptoms begin to manifest themselves. If these symptoms show up suddenly on the road, the result could be a Florida pedestrian accident or truck accident.

2) Shift work. Unfortunately, many Florida truck drivers take shift work, working at unusual hours, in order to help companies meet deadlines. Shift work has been linked to sleep disorders, which can lead to fatigued driving and therefore to accidents.

3) Drinking and drug use. Florida drunk driving accidents are still far too common and drunk driving involving trucks is more likely to result is serious injuries and death. Although Florida drunk driving campaigns have been warning drivers of the dangers of drunk driving, however, drugs – even over the counter and prescription medications – can lead to drowsiness or other symptoms which can cause an accident.

4) Obsession with gadgets. It’s not a lifestyle choice, admittedly, but many of us are very much attached to our wireless devices or music. While there’s nothing wrong with that in general, wanting to stay plugged in behind the wheel of a car is dangerous. Many people have lost their lives in Florida trucking accidents caused by distracted drivers.

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