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Many Simple Things Can Cause Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents and their resultant personal injuries can be caused by common factors such as driver fatigue, speeding, and driving under the influence. However, many common causes of trucking accidents are in fact not frequently discussed. Some of the issues that have contributed to trucking accidents include:

1) Driver distraction. Driver distraction is one of the most common causes of trucking accidents and the resulting broken bones, fatalities, burn injuries and other serious injuries. However, the cause of driver distraction vary widely. Some drivers are distracted by the food they are eating on the road, by pedestrians and other drivers, by music in the car, by cell phone conversations, or even by road signs.

2) Road conditions. Badly paved roads, lack of proper lighting on roads, too-narrow roads and road construction can cause conditions that are unsafe for trucks. Municipalities are responsible for maintaining certain minimum road conditions and for posting adequate signs and warnings of dangerous road conditions.

3) Poor signs. Trucks require additional time to stop, brake, and switch gears. They require adequate signs explaining problems ahead, such as bumps, construction, and other perils. When signs are too few, not very visible, or not back enough truck drivers might not have time to adequately respond to dangers on the road.

4) Weather conditions. Weather can make roads slippery or may cause poor visibility. In these conditions, even experienced truck drivers may have a hard time maintaining control of their vehicles.

5) Other drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians sometimes step in front of a truck or walk into a truck’s blind spot, where the driver cannot see them. Cars, also, sometimes cut truck drivers off or drive too close to trucks that are turning. Tragedy can result when trucks are not given extra space.