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Mechanical Failures That Can Lead to Trucking Accidents

According to research, many truck accidents are caused by driver error. However, a significant number of trucking accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida are also caused by mechanical failures and mechanical problems. These problems can include:

•Oil leaks and air leaks
•Brake defects
•Tire defects and tire blowouts
•Suspension defects
•Structural integrity problems
•Failed wheel bearings
•Engine problems
•Cabin electrical wiring problems
•Trailer refrigeration equipment failure
In fact, any system in the truck can fail and this can easily lead to an accident. Certain truck systems – such as the brakes and tires – are especially vulnerable to failure since the size and weight of trucks places extra pressure on these systems.


There are many reasons why mechanical failures happen on trucks. In some cases, they occur due to manufacture defects. A truck component or truck systems may simply be defective in design or manufacture, leading it to fail on the road. In many cases, however, negligence in maintaining the vehicle leads to mechanical problems and structural issues that lead to an accident. Both the motor carrier and truck drivers are expected to maintain trucks, but sometimes fail to do so due to time constraints or concerns about costs.

In some cases, mechanical failure is caused by secondary causes that lead to the problem. For example, tires may be stored for too long in a hot warehouse, causing the rubber to become compromised and fail. A very common cause of mechanical failure is overburdening the truck with excess weight above the allowed limits. When a truck is burdened with too much weight, this can place extra pressure on the tires and brakes and can cause them to overheat and fail.

If you have been in a truck accident or traffic accident in Hollywood, how can you know what has caused your accident? In many cases, it is difficult to know without a thorough investigation. If you speak with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community, your attorney can launch an investigation in order to determine exactly what happened. This may help uncover multiple liable parties in your case. For example, you may have a product liability case if it is found that a truck system was defective in some way. If the truck company or motor carrier was negligent in properly maintaining the vehicle, you may be able to pursue the motor carrier for their negligence. There may be multiple causes, including mechanical failure, behind the truck accidents, and exploring all options is important if you wish to pursue justice in your case.

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