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Medical Changes Can Lead to Slip and Fall Accidents

While we often associate Florida slip and fall accidents with elderly persons, in fact the culprit is often not age, but medical conditions. The reality is that any medical or health changes can affect a person’s ability to navigate safely. Consider these medical changes, for example:

1) Physical changes. Florida spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other physical injuries can make someone less mobile or can affect mobility in a number of ways. A broken foot, for example, usually means that someone must precariously balance on crutches. People with physical injuries are often vulnerable to injuries.

2) Neurological issues and head trauma. Brain injuries and neurological problems can lead to dizziness, disorientation, and other symptoms which can make it challenging to get around safely. Unfortunately, a slip and fall accident can cause even more brain trauma to Florida brain injury victims, making injuries even more severe.

3) Eye problems. Sudden changes in vision can make it hard to see obstacles and can lead to tripping and falling. Wearing correct eyeglasses and getting yearly eye exams is important for eye health and also in preventing accidents. Very gradual changes to the eye can be just as dangerous but are often ignored. A yearly exam can help catch and treat these problems before they lead to injury.

4) Sudden changes in ability. When someone who is fully-abled is in a car accident or sustains a serious permanent injury, it can take some time to get used to a new type of ability. During this time, accidents and problems are quite common. Physical or rehabilitation therapy as well as carefully monitoring by health care professionals can help.

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