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Miami Pedestrian Accidents – What Hikers and Exercisers Need to Know

Walking and hiking are considered among the best exercise choices out there. Walking is a low-impact exercise that increases the heart rate and can help combat obesity and heart disease. However, pedestrians in Miami face risks every day. Miami pedestrian accidents, especially those involving cars, often lead to fatalities or serious and permanent injuries for pedestrians. If you want to walk or hike, you need to take steps to ensure that it is a healthful as well as a safe exercise for you:

1) Consider walking in pedestrian-only areas. Walking on pedestrian-designated trails and walking areas ensures that you are far away from cars, trucks, and other kinds of vehicles that can cause Miami traffic accidents. The elderly may consider walking clubs in indoor spaces, such as gyms or malls. Conditions are more controlled and there are fewer Miami slip and fall hazards.

2) Bring a walking buddy. Walking with a friend is more fun, and ensures that there is someone to call for help in case you are injured. A walking buddy also makes you less of a target for criminals and ensures that you are more visible.

3) Vary your routine. In addition to Miami slip and fall accidents, pedestrians also need to be concerned about the individuals that they encounter on trails and parks. Varying your routine makes it more difficult for someone to get to know your routes and destinations.

4) Walk without distractions. Just as distracted driving leads to many Miami car accidents each year, walking while distracted can also lead to trips, falls, accidents, and injuries. Leave your music, texting devices, and other distractions at home. Focus only on your walking. You’ll be more likely to notice any potential hazards or problems around you.

5) Bring what you need to stay safe. At minimum, consider bringing a cell phone or mobile device that allows you to call for help and allows you to access maps or other needed information in case you get lost. If you have serious allergies or a medical condition, consider wearing a medical alert bracelet in case you are injured.

6) Stay visible. If you do need to walk outside of pedestrian-only areas, be sure that you wear reflective clothing and light-colored clothing that is easily noticeable by motorists. Walk towards traffic. Avoid walking at night.

7) Consider all the risks and prepare for them. Hikers and walkers face various risks. One of them is from other walkers and people. Carrying a safety alarm, cell phone, and walking with a buddy can help reduce your chances of being victimized by crime. Miami car accidents are another risk for pedestrians. Avoiding high traffic areas and wearing visible clothing can help reduce your risk of being struck by a vehicle. Animals are another concern for hikers and walkers, especially in remote areas. Bringing a buddy and carrying a sturdy walking stick can help you avoid this type of danger.

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