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Miami Road Rage Can Lead to Truck Accidents

In 2006 and 2007, Miami was named by AutoVantage as the city suffering from the worst road rage in the country. Road rage can lead to aggressive driving and can contribute to Miami car accidents and truck accidents as well. Anyone who has seen an incident of road rage on the road knows that this type of rage is more than just someone’s bad day. A trucker driving an 80,000 pound fully loaded commercial vehicle can cause a serious accident if they are making reckless decisions or poor choices due to road rage. Road rage leads to aggressive driving and contributes to Miami pedestrian accidents and car accidents.

According to experts, impatient drivers often become enraged drivers. Emotional driving can also lead to road rage, especially if a motorist is driving while stressed, angry, or upset. Lack of patience is one of the leading reasons for road rage, as impatient drivers often lose their temper due to simple traffic delays, congestion, and other unavoidable problems. Unfortunately, truck drivers need to work hard to stay patient. Many of them have tight deadlines to make and often feel frustrated if they are stuck in traffic or otherwise unable to do their jobs. Experts also suggest that driving while emotionally upset can lead to road rage. Having a bad day and then getting into the car can mean that simple traffic problems escalate into a serious situation. Most experts suggest driving only when you are calm, well rested, and prepared for the road.

Road rage can manifest itself in all kinds of ways. It can include gesturing, yelling, or swearing at another driver. It can include tailgating and other reckless driving behaviors. Gesturing, swearing, and yelling can distract other drivers and lead to a Miami bicycle accident or other traffic accidents. Reckless driving can be especially dangerous, particularly when it involves large trucks. Tailgating, cutting off trucks, and otherwise driving erratically can easily lead to a serious accident.

Road rage can be an especial problem when cars and trucks share the roadways. A passenger vehicle has little or no chance against a fully loaded commercial vehicle which weighs many times what the car weighs. Any accident between a passenger vehicle and a truck is likely to result in fatalities or permanent injury. Since preventing road rage can help prevent accidents, AutoVantage has several suggestions for preventing road rage:

1) Slow down. Driving more slowly and avoiding speeding helps ensure calm driving. Speeding tends to annoy other drivers and can lead to nasty confrontations. Slowing down overall can also help reduce the stress that often leads to road rage. That is, giving yourself plenty of time to get to your destination ensures that you are not rushing and upset if there are any delays.

2) Stay alert and careful. Although Florida has no texting bans for drivers, staying alert and driving cautiously are your best defenses against road rage. Staying alert ensures that you are not cutting off other drivers and causing dangerous situations or upset on the road. Staying alert also reduces your risk of causing a Miami traffic accident.

3) Stay courteous and think of other drivers. When sharing the road with others, consider how other drivers feel. Give them plenty of room, don’t cut people off, and signal as a courtesy so that other drivers know what to expect from you.

4) Take a deep breath and gauge your emotions. Avoid driving when you are upset, and try to calm yourself before getting behind the wheel. Driving upset ensures that any small problem on the road leads to even greater upset and potentially road rage.

If you have been injured in a Florida truck accident caused by road rage, contact the Flaxman Law Group to find out about your options and rights. If a truck driver has caused your injuries because of road rage and reckless driving, Florida law does make provisions which allow you to get the recovery you deserve for lost income, property damage, medical care, and other expenses. The Flaxman Law Group has helped thousands of personal injury victims in Miami, Homestead, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and across South Florida. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free accident consultation to discuss your own case.

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