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Miami Truck Accidents and Truck Problems Do Not Come with Easy Solutions

Miami, as a port city, relies heavily on truck traffic to move freights from boats to destinations across the US. Drayage trucks are heavy-duty trucks that move shipping containers from the port to other destinations, where cargo can be redistributed into shipping trucks. Eventually, deliveries to smaller businesses are made with delivery trucks. Trucks are an essential part of the Miami economy, but they also cause:

1) Truck-related damage. Air contamination and wear on roads are just two problems that trucks cause. Although trucks are outnumbered by passenger cars on city streets, they do cause the majority of traffic-related road damage and quite a bit of air pollution. The road damage is an especial concern, as it can lead to Miami traffic accidents.

2) Traffic congestion. Delivery trucks stop and start frequently and in many cases, especially in the downtown area, there may not be adequate space for parking. Trucks may temporarily block lanes of traffic when making deliveries and when other vehicles try to creep around the trucks, Miami car accidents are a common result. Trucks are only part of the equation – heavy car traffic as well as lack of parking areas for larger commercial trucks are also to blame in many cases – but the fact that commercial trucks and passenger vehicles have to share the road often contributes to the problem.

3) Visibility issues. Trucks block visibility of drivers of smaller cars, potentially increasing the risk of Miami car accidents. Large commercial trucks also have many blind spots, which can mean Miami pedestrian accidents and truck accidents in some cases.

4) Miami truck accidents. Of course, one of the major problems associated with commercial trucks is the risk of truck accidents. Since commercial trucks are so large, the effects of these accidents is often devastating. Fatalities are common and when a commercial truck is carrying a flammable or toxic substance, fires, explosions, and toxic spills are also a very real danger.

Trucks, despite the problems they may cause, are an essential part of the Miami economy. We rely on trucks every day to remove waste and to deliver every item we buy to our favorite stores. Simply getting rid of trucks is not a solution, but even experts have trouble deciding what the best solution for truck-related issues might be. New York Mayor Bloomberg has proposed charging an extra fee for trucks entering New York City, but many are reluctant to institute a similar proposal in Miami, noting that trucks should not be automatically punished for creating jobs and boosting the economy. While more parking and delivery areas would help, there is often little or no room in parts of Miami to create additional parking or delivery areas. While new initiatives are always being developed to help prevent Miami traffic accidents involving trucks, there are no all-encompassing answers.

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