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Money Worries After a Florida Trucking Accident

A Florida trucking accident can cause many serous injuries, but it can also wreak havoc with a victim’s finances. Victims who have suffered in a truck accident may end up in considerable debt or may even face bankruptcy. There are many considerable financial losses and challenges after a Florida car accident involving a truck:

1) Medical bills. Most patients have medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. While medical insurance and car insurance can cover some of these bills, in many cases insurance providers balk at paying the entire amount, leaving the patient still paying for some necessary treatment themselves. Underinsured or uninsured patients face an even more frightening amount of medical bills. Florida brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other serious injuries can be expensive enough to send even prosperous people into bankruptcy.

2) Lost income. Most patients who have been in a Florida truck accident lose weeks or even months of work time, causing a loss of income. Some patients sustain permanent injuries and can never return to work again. Yet, bills and debts must still be paid.

3) On-going treatment. After the initial round of medical bills, most patients face even more care bills for on-going treatment. Florida spinal cord injury patients, for example, may need months of rehabilitation or physiotherapy. Such costs can add up to the thousands of dollars.

4) Additional treatment, such as psychological counseling or cosmetic surgery. Some treatments are needed to fully recover from an accident, but may not be covered under medical coverage. For example, Florida burn injury patients may require cosmetic surgery in order to regain the confidence and the life they lead before their accident. Such “additional” treatments may need to be paid entirely by patients, unless patients work closely with a good Florida personal injury attorney to have such important costs covered.

5) Property damage. A truck accident may damage a great deal of property. You may need to replace a car, a work laptop and any items you may have had in your car. While car insurance will usually cover replacement of your vehicle, you may need to pay for some or all of the costs of replacing your personal effects.

6) Home alterations. After a truck accident, many patients have changed mobility and may need to make expensive home repairs in order to live in their homes. For example, spinal cord injury patients may need to install ramps, elevators, grab bars, and other equipment. Such renovations can easily costs tens of thousands of dollars.