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New Fire Truck Simulator May Help Prevent Trucking Accidents in Coral Springs

Coral Springs firefighters have access to a new fire truck simulator for training, and some local authorities say that the new technology may help prevent truck and car accidents in Coral Springs and surrounding areas. The Coral Springs Fire Department has purchased the simulator to make training easier for firefighters and drivers. The department already has one simulator and has added another mobile simulator to make training more accessible.

The new technology will help firefighters train in conditions that mimic pouring rain and heavy traffic as well as other conditions which are difficult to recreate on demand during traditional driver training. In addition, the simulator will help firefighters train in extreme conditions as well, since the simulator can mimic city traffic after a plane crash and other unique situations.

Why Fire Truck Accidents Take Place

According to local experts, the simulator is important because driving is an important part of the equation when firefighters respond to emergency calls. Long before they can arrive at the scene to save lives and prevent serious burn injuries in Coral Springs, firefighters must rush through city streets to arrive at the destination. The bulkiness of fire trucks, coupled with the high speed of travel can lead to accidents.

Firefighting trucks carry not only emergency help, but also considerable equipment. Like all large trucks, they have multiple blind spots and are quite heavy. Navigating these trucks through Coral Springs streets is difficult. While traffic and pedestrians are supposed to get out of the way of fire trucks rushing to an emergency, not all drivers obey this rule. As a result of this problem and as a result of driver error, fire truck accidents in Coral Springs do occur. When they do occur, serious injury is the common result. In addition, if the fire truck is delayed there may be secondary injuries if the people needing emergency help do not receive assistance in time due to a traffic accident delay.

Preventing Fire Truck Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each year across the US about 2000 fire truck accidents take place. These can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. The Coral Springs fire department hopes to avoid these types of fire truck accidents in Coral Springs by providing the simulator and additional training. The fire department is also the only South Florida department to buy a mobile driving simulator. This will allow the fire department to share the technology to hopefully prevent traffic accidents in other communities as well.

Simulators have been show to prevent traffic accidents by providing additional driver training, according to the Coral Springs fire department. The department also believes that the new purchase is a cost-effective one, since additional training may help the department prevent injuries to fire department vehicles and equipment.

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