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New Research Could Help Hollywood Spinal Cord Injury Patients

According to new research led by Toronto neurosurgeon Michael Fehlings, the timing of surgery after a spinal cord injury may be more crucial than has been thought. The research found that victims with upper spinal cord injuries who got decompression surgery within 24 hours of the injury had twice the rate of better neurological recovery than patients who waited longer for the surgery.

Researchers in the study focused on injuries to the cervical spine. Injuries to these areas account for about 30% of all spinal cord injuries, according to researchers, and injury to this area of the spine can result in a victim becoming a quadriplegic. Being able to reduce the devastating effect of these injuries – especially with something as simple as prompt surgery – can be a real boon for Hollywood spinal cord injury patients. Cervical spine injuries often occur as a result of Hollywood car accidents, falls, sports injuries, and other common accidents.

The study led by Michael Fehlings has been published in PLoS ONE, and shows that of 313 patients with cervical spinal cord trauma, 20 percent of those who had surgery for decompression within 24 hours of the injury showed much better recovery. Less than 9 percent of those who had surgery later showed the same level of improved function. According to Dr. Fehlings, prompt decompression surgery is important because it removes some of the pressure on the spinal cord and then stabilizes the spinal cord. Dr. Fehlings says that the research suggests that spinal cord injuries may be more similar to strokes and heart attacks, which are medical emergencies where patients’ lives can be saved with prompt medical attention.

Another research project to study the effects of exercise is underway in Canada, funded by a $1.9 million research grant. That study will examine what can be done to reduce the number of cardiac deaths among spinal cord injury patients. Current research suggests that heart disease is the leading killer for people living with spinal cord injuries. In fact, researchers have found that for people with spinal cord injuries, heart disease occurs earlier and more frequently than it does in the general population.

The studies suggest that much can be done to help Hollywood spinal cord injury patients, including those patients who have just sustained an injury and those who are living with a long-term injury. Of course, the research also shows how important financing is for spinal cord injury patients. In order to ensure prompt medical attention, spinal cord injury patients need to have the financial resources to pay for quality medical care. Hollywood spinal cord injury patients who are at higher risk of heart disease due to their injury need to have resources to prevent heart disease and treat it if it does develop. For these reasons, it is important for spinal cord injury victims to consult with a qualified Hollywood personal injury attorney to ensure that their rights are protected and that they get the fairest compensation possible for their injuries.

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