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New Year, New Home? What You Need to Know to Prevent Palmetto Bay Moving Truck Accidents

In the New Year, many people make big changes in their lives. If your change involves moving to a new home, you may be interested in renting a truck to move your furniture and possessions to your new house. While renting your own truck can be a cost-effective option, it is not always the safest option. Each year, people are involved in Palmetto Bay traffic accidents while driving rental trucks.

The truth is, most motorists are not prepared for the dangers and risks of driving larger moving trucks. These trucks have more blind spots and handle much differently than a regular car, putting you at a much higher risk of a Palmetto Bay truck accident. In addition, some truck rental companies have poor records for truck maintenance. Many companies renting trucks have long lists of unsatisfied customers, some of whom claim that the companies rent trucks that are not kept in good condition. In past years, investigative journalists have found that some companies even move trucks from state to state to avoid costly repairs and maintenance on their fleets. The track records of some of these trucks may give you pause.

Luckily, there are ways to move safely. Where possible, leave the driving to someone else. Professional and experienced truck drivers can handle large moves and large trucks with ease, potentially saving you from a Palmetto Bay car accident. Professional movers can also pack your possessions carefully and are generally fully insured, so that if any injuries or any damage occurs during the move, the costs are covered. Many people feel that the costs of professional movers are very high, but the costs of a Palmetto Bay truck accident can also be very high. Before making a final decision, at least consider speaking with a tax preparer – if you are moving due to your job, the costs of the move may be partly tax-deductible, making movers more affordable.

If professional movers are not in your budget, there are still other options which allow you to have someone drive a moving truck for you. For example, you can rent a truck and hire a driver who can drive the truck for you. If you decide to do this, make sure that you speak with the truck rental company about insurance options. Another option is do-it-yourself services. These moving services will deliver a large container to your current home and you can pack the container with your possessions. Once you are packed, the company will transport the container to your new home, where you can unpack it. These services cost less than professional movers but do not require you to drive your own moving truck.

If you do decide to drive your own moving truck, at least take several precautions to ensure that your trip is safe. For example, book a truck that is large enough for all your possessions. Overloading a truck can cause brake failure and tire failure, so err on the side of caution. Next, make sure that you take the rental truck to a trusted mechanic before you load in anything. If there are any maintenance or safety issues, your mechanic can let you know so that you can contact the rental company to get a safer truck. Be careful to load the truck evenly and to secure your possessions in place to prevent them from shifting. Correctly loading the truck is important in preventing Palmetto Bay rollover accidents. Where possible, drive with a friend so that you can take turns driving and so that you can get help with blind spots and parking, if needed.

If you are injured in a truck accident in South Florida, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a consultation so that your case can be reviewed by a Palmetto Bay personal injury attorney. The Flaxman Law Group does not charge legal fees upfront, since the legal team at the Flaxman Law Group know that being in a truck accident is financially stressful enough. During your free accident consultation, you can also ask about contingency fee arrangements, which ensure that you do not pay legal fees until and unless your case is won or you reach an out-of-court settlement.

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