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Plow Truck Accidents Are Common at This Time of Year

While Florida car accidents are more common at this time of year, if you will be driving outside of Florida you need to worry about winter conditions, as well. Truck accidents are more common at this time of year in states with winter conditions in part because there are more trucks out on the roads.

1) Give plows plenty of room. Keep in mind that you need to provide room for the truck itself, its plow attachment (which is sometimes wider than the plow truck itself) and the snow and ice being cleared. Plows push snow and ice to the sides, which can sometimes cause piles of snow along the sides of the road. If you are passing a plow, you could get stuck in the snow being pushed aside. The safest place is behind a plow, at least one truck length behind the vehicle.

2) Be prepared for plows to start and stop suddenly. Plows may need to stop, back up, and repeatedly plow stubborn patches of ice and snow. It is important to be aware of the possibility of these stops and to prepare yourself to brake suddenly if you are following a plow.

3) Do not speed. Plows are doing a job and therefore proceed at a slower pace than other vehicles on the road. Speeding can make it more likely that you will be in a collision.

4) If you see a plow, watch for other snow-clearing vehicles. Plows often work in groups or with salt trucks in order to clear the roads. If you see one plow working, be aware that other trucks may be on the way to clear road conditions.

5) Keep in mind that plows mean visibility issues. Plows tend to be large vehicles and may block part of your view of the road ahead. For this reason, passing a plow can be dangerous – you may not be able to see traffic in front of the plow. As well, plows have many blind spots. Stay well clear of plows and keep in mind that if you cannot see a plow’s mirrors, the driver likely cannot see you.

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