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Prevent Bicycle Accidents With A Few Safety Items

A few additional accessories can help you prevent a bicycle accident and injury. These items can make a big difference and can ensure that your bicycle is safer:

1) A bicycle helmet. You should never hop on your bicycle without a helmet. A helmet is inexpensive and helps protect you from one of the most common injuries associated with bicycle accidents. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, helmets can prevent up to 85% of head injuries caused by bicycle accidents. Since 75% of all bicycle accident fatalities are linked to brain injury, the helmet is the most important piece of safety gear for all bicyclists.

2) Lights. You should have a red read light and a white front light. These can be clipped onto your back, handlebars, and seat and are essential to ensure that drivers and pedestrians see you coming. For your front light, opt for a white LED light that will help improve your visibility, too.

3) The right shoes. Good shoes help your feet stay comfortably on the pedals and help you keep control of your bicycle. Shoes that slip or easily come off your foot can pose a serious danger. For heavy-duty bicycling or for bicycling in extreme conditions, invest in shoes with clips. These shoes keep you safer and even allow for faster bicycling and better control.

4) The right clothing. Have a few outfits you can wear while bicycling. This should include clothing that is not loose and does not contain drawstrings or laces that can get caught in your bicycle gears. Look for moisture-wicking clothes that help you stay comfortable and dry on your bike.

5) A rack. A panniers or rack does not cost very much but can help keep your hands free. This can be the perfect place to store your backpack or gear if you are bicycling to a picnic or out camping. While you can also carry a backpack, this can inhibit your motion and can cause you to become tired more quickly. A rack is usually the safer way to go.

6) A fender. A fender ensures that you are not sprayed with water. It also ensures that your rear tire is not splashed. This can help keep rust to a minimum and can ensure that your rear tire stays clean and free of debris.