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Prevent Florida Bicycle Accidents By Riding Distraction-Free

Much has been written in recent years about the dangers of distracted driving. Indeed, distracted driving is blamed on many Florida car accidents and traffic accidents each year. However, bicyclists also need to use caution when riding distracted, according to police. There are many distractions that can contribute to Florida bicycle accidents:

1) Riding with headphones. Listening to music or any audio while riding a bicycle can isolate a biker and make it difficult or impossible for the biker to pick up important audio clues – such as the flow of traffic or car horns. Using headphones is very dangerous and can cause a traffic accident. While many bicyclists use music to drown out the noise of traffic with headphones, police note that the noise of traffic is often an important clue that can help bicyclists avoid a collision.

2) Visual obstructions. Anything that blocks a bicyclist’s vision is a distraction and a danger because a bicyclist concentrating on poor visibility is not focusing on traffic. Long hair, poorly fitted bicycle helmets, and poorly fitted glasses or sunglasses can all contribute to visibility problems and distractions. A good helmet is vital, because it can help keep hair out of the face and can provide improved visibility while also providing the best protection possible against brain injuries. Good helmets also can be used in conjunction with specially-fitted glasses or sunglasses. These are less likely to slip and also provide protection against glare or debris.

3) Mobile devices. While Florida does not currently have a texting while driving or riding ban, there is little doubt that bicyclists should not be texting or talking on their phones while riding. Using a mobile device takes your mind off the road and causes you to ride with one hand, which provides less control of your bike if you need to act suddenly to prevent a traffic crash or Florida pedestrian accident. Using a mobile device also causes bicyclists to take their eyes off the road, which is dangerous. Finally, talking and riding at the same time has the same effect as wearing headphones – it isolates bicyclists from the important audio clues of traffic.

4) Poorly fitted clothing. It is important to always wear proper and correctly fitted clothing when riding. Loose clothing can get caught in the gears while uncomfortable clothing can cause you to lose focus on riding, as it is a distraction. Shoes are especially important, since incorrect shoes can make it easy for your feet to slip off the pedals, causing you to lose control of the bike.

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