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Prevent Personal Injury This Independence Day

Each 4th of July, while many people across the country are celebrating their country, many people are being admitted to emergency rooms with serious burn injuries and other injuries caused by Independence Day festivities. Have a wonderful holiday, but use these tips to stay safe, as well:

1) Use extra caution with fireworks. Every Independence Day, fireworks cause many serious injuries, including eye injuries and burn injuries. Unfortunately, injuries to minors and children are the most common with fireworks-related injuries, since children are often fascinated by fireworks but often do not know how to prevent serious injury. Firefighters recommend that families attend public fireworks displays organized by professionals. This is the safest way to view fireworks. If you decide to enjoy your own fireworks, use caution and always follow all precautions in the instructions very carefully.

2) Keep your children safe. Children can easily get injured this weekend around pools, bonfires, fireworks displays and boats. Have fun, but ensure that your children are carefully monitored by a responsible adult at all times.

3) Use extra caution on the water. Many people take their boats out for Independence Day or head out swimming. If you do go swimming, make sure that you have someone with you in case you get fatigued or ill in the water. Swim in designated swimming areas. If you take your boat out, make sure everyone has a life vest on and only head out on the water if you are completely sober.

4) Don’t drink and drive. Across the country, police forces will be monitoring the roads more carefully for drunk driving and other traffic violations. Unfortunately, the 4th of July weekend often means more drunk driving arrests, in part because so many people are heading out to gatherings and driving home when they have been drinking. If you go out, make sure that you take a taxi or alternative form of transportation if you have been drinking. If you are hosting an Independence Day event, do not allow your guests to drive under the influence.

5) Use caution when drinking. Whether you are setting off fireworks, driving, taking your boat out on a lake, supervising swimmers, having a bonfire, or taking part in any other 4th of July activity, staying sober will allow you to do all these activities safely.