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Preventing Davie Swimming Pool Accidents

Now that the summer months are approaching, many people look forward to opening their swimming pools at home. However, while fun, swimming pools are also a source of danger, especially for young children. Each year, children are rushed to local emergency rooms as Davie brain injury patients or spinal cord injury patients due to pool-related injuries. In addition, many children suffer near-drowning or even fatal injuries caused by swimming pool injuries. To prevent a Davie swimming pool accident at your home, experts advise:

1) Adding the right fence. The right fence should completely surround the pool area and should come with a self-locking gate. This fence should be in addition to any other property fencing your yard has. According to the CDC, a four-sided isolation pool fence reduces drowning by 83% when compared with three-sided general property fences.

2) Ban alcohol at pool parties. While many homeowners combine barbecue, alcoholic beverages, and pool parties, but it can be a deadly mix. According to the CDC, many drowning deaths involve alcohol use. Alcohol affects judgment and balance, and can easily cause a drowning death or pool injury. Alcohol is also a leading cause of Florida and Davie boating accidents.

3) Add other safety features for your pool area. While a self-locking gate and isolating fence are the basic safety requirements, there are many safety devices that can help make your pool safer, and these devices are more affordable today than ever before. For example, one of the best safety devices you can buy for your pool area is an alarm that can alert you anytime someone enters the pool area.

4) Ensure that everyone in your family is a good swimmer. Excellent swimming skills can reduce the risk of drowning. According to the CDC, signing up children between the ages of one and four for swimming lessons can reduce the risk of accidental drowning by 88%.

5) Add no-slip treads around your pool area. In addition to drowning, many Davie pool-related injuries include Davie brain injuries and spinal cord injuries caused by falls. In many cases, the wet area surrounding a pool can facilitate Davie slip and fall accidents. Adding no-slip treads can help prevent these types of accidents on your property. Enforcing a no-running rule in the pool area is also important to help prevent Davie slip and fall injuries.

6) Learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) as well as other first aid lessons. If an accident does occur at your home, you will be able to help until emergency personnel arrive.

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