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Preventing Driving Error Can Help Prevent Truck Accidents

Many Florida truck accidents – and indeed many Florida car accidents — are attributed to “driver error.” In many cases, this general term simply means that a driver had no intention of harming anyone but has made a mistake which has resulted in an accident. Most experts agree that such accidents are highly preventable.

To prevent traffic accidents caused by driver error, it is important to first eliminate causes of error. Many factors can make a driver more prone to mistakes. For example, a driver who is taking cold or flu medication that results in drowsiness is more likely to make mistakes behind the wheel, even if the medication is not a controlled substance. If a driver is sleepy or ill, he or she is also more likely to cause a Florida car accident due to error. Similarly, a distracted driver can make mistakes simply because he or she is not alert enough to notice possible hazards. Eliminating drowsy driving, distracted driving, and driving while ill means that drivers who are well and alert are behind the wheel – and focused, healthy drivers are less likely to make mistakes.

Another way to eliminate driver mistakes is to improve and increase truck driver training. In many cases, driver error is caused simply by lack of experience on the part of the driver. Experienced drivers make fewer mistakes, typically, simply because they are more familiar with a wide range of driving experiences and know to respond appropriately. Truck driving training can mean that drivers have the skills to avoid potentially tragic mistakes. Truck training also means more truck driving experience. Drivers who take additional training are also enjoying more experience in controlled conditions – which means they are more prepared for the road.

Many driver mistakes can also be prevented by creating an environment of safety for drivers. That is, having reasonable work deadlines and sensible schedules ensures that drivers can care for themselves and can therefore be in better shape to avoid mistakes on the road. Carriers and the trucking industry can help create an environment of safety and prevent truck accidents by continuing to focus on safety and driver comfort.

Another way to prevent driver errors and the accidents they cause is to make it easy to focus and stay error-free. In many cases, drivers make mistakes because their minds and eyes are not 100% on the road. Drivers who are focused on the task at hand are less likely to make mistakes because they are not distracted. Banning texting and driving for drivers is an important first step. Carefully screening drivers to ensure that they can focus on one task for extended periods of time is another potential step to help prevent distracted driving and accidents.

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