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Preventing Florida Dog Bites – One Step at a Time

Dog bites tend to be the most common types of animal attacks, in part because so many people in Florida and across the country own dogs as pets. Whether you want to reduce the risk of being bitten by your own dog or by someone else’s pet, be sure to follow these steps for increasing your personal safety:
1) Do not disturb a dog when it is more likely to bite. A dog that is sleeping, caring for puppies, or eating is more likely to bit when disturbed. Teach children not to approach dogs at these times.
2) Avoid running near dogs. A dog’s natural instinct is to chase after and catch things. In addition, most dogs become increasingly aggressive or excited when they are running after someone or something they cannot catch. If a dog chases after you and catches you, they may bite to try to show that they have caught you.
3) If you are threatened by a dog or a dog approaches you to sniff you, remain calm and still. Moving around or using a loud voice can aggravate the animal, making it more prone to biting. In many cases, a dog that is kept as a pet will simply wander away when they see that you do not pose a threat.
4) If a dog attacks you or knocks you to the ground, curl your body up into a ball and cover your head and neck as well as your face as well as you can. The biggest threat in a dog attack is the risk of brain injury and facial injury, which can happen when a large and powerful dog attacks your head area. Therefore, your aim when attacked by a dog is to minimize any personal injury. If you speak to the animal, speak firmly and calmly. Avoid making eye contact with the dog, as that might aggravate the animal further. Stay still until the dog leaves or wanders away. At that time, back away slowly until the dog is no longer in your sight.
5) Do not turn your back on an attacking dog. Face the dog at all times and stay as calm as you can. If you have been attacked, get away from the dog if you can and seek help.